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Promhotels, promoting the territory for years alongside the Municipality of Riccione, it’s the Cooperative of Riccione Hoteliers which includes more than 130 associated structures of different categories, starting from cozy guest-houses to elegant hotels and arriving to luxury 4 and 5 stars hotels. Promhotels is the perfect partner for operators in Riccione and all along the Coast of Romagna whom intend to make a careful selection of structures that can cater perfectly to their needs both for groups and individually. Relying on Promhotels means you can count on professional staff able to assist clients during all phases of the holiday and arrange additional services such as excursions, transfers, guides and hostesses. With Promhotels you can aspire to the planning and execution of events in sports, cultural, conference and corporate, everything in the “all inclusive” formula. For several years Promhotels has also specialized in the promotion of tourism segments creating ad hoc consortia and Society with specific business proclivities, including: Riviera Park Hotels Hotel Terme & Benessere Riccione Congressi Gli Amici della Polisportiva Promhotels also manages, on behalf of the Tourism Department of the Municipality of Riccione, the informations and hotel reservations service with 5 designated stations deployed throughout the city. Our Cooperative aims to exploit the potential of the area in order to offer the best availability and the best support to those who want to organize a quality event on the Coast.


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